Airport Shuttle Business Plan and SWOT Analysis

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Once established, airport shuttle businesses can be highly lucrative operations given that people are going to continue to need economically affordable ways to get to the airport on an ongoing basis. These businesses are almost always able to remain profitable and cash flow in any economic climate given that this is a necessary service. One of the nice things about airport shuttle businesses is that once they are established they have nearly unlimited access to capital as it relates to their expansion. This is primarily due to the fact that these businesses are able to always produce revenues by bringing people to and from their homes, offices, and to the airport.

The gross margins generated from an airport shuttle service are exceptionally high for transportation business. Depending on the forms of payment accepted from passengers, the average gross margin for airport shuttle service is approximately 90% to 95% depending on whether or not third-party referral services are used when booking appointments. The startup costs associated with the new airport shuttle typically range anywhere from $50,000 to $200,000 depending on how many vehicles and vans are going to be initially used for the company’s fleet cost can be reduced if the owner operator is going to lease the vehicles rather than purchase them out right. In this regard, it is imperative that an entrepreneur work closely with their certified public accountant in order to make sure that leasing is a more viable way of starting a business rather than purchasing the vehicles with loans or with cash.

There are tax considerations to factor in including depreciation as well as mileage fees are associated with leasing vehicles for airport shuttle fleet. It should be noted that a qualified attorney should also be hired prior to the onset of operations in order to make sure that the appropriate paperwork is filed with the Department of Transportation as well as the state in order to commence operations as an airport shuttle service. It should also be noted that many airports require specific licensure as well as agreements with the airport in order to use their facilities when dropping off and picking up passengers. Most airports have a website or dedicated program that allows for individual companies to receive the appropriate licensure or certification.

Given the economic stability of these businesses, almost all financial institutions as well as private investment sources are willing to provide the necessary capital in order to launch operations. An airport shuttle business plan is going to be required and this will necessitate the use of a three-year profit and loss statement, cash analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and business ratios page. A full demographic analysis should also be included within the business plan as it relates to the number of people that travel to and from specific airports within any major metropolitan area, median household income, median net worth, major businesses within the target market, and the average fees that are charged by competitors within the target market in which the airport shuttle is going to launch its operations. Within the United States, as it relates to industry research – there are approximately 15,000 individually owned and operated airport shuttle services that are in operation. Each year, these businesses generate in excess of $5 billion in revenue and provide jobs for about 250,000 people. These figures do not include revenues that are generated from independent drivers like taxi services, people that use Uber, and people that use Lyft.  This is one of the other issues that should be addressed within the business plan as it relates to competitive issues.

An airport shuttle service SWOT analysis should be produced as well. As a relates to strengths, these businesses are always able to generate revenues from their services while concurrently being able to remain cash flow positive at all times. The barriers to entry are considered to be moderately low, and access to capital is pretty easy given the fact that most of the money allocated is used for tangible vehicle purchases. The federal and state licensure requirements for a airport shuttle driver are considered to be moderate.

Regarding weaknesses, there are always a substantial number of competitors in any given market that drive people to and from the airport. Additionally, beyond dedicated airport shuttle services there are also independent drivers and taxi services that render the service to the general public. However, airport shuttles are frequently use given the fact they are far more affordable than the aforementioned methods of transportation. As such, while the transportation service landscape is continually changing especially with the usage of online applications – airport shuttles are expected to remain in a strong economic position given their affordability for passengers.

As it relates to opportunities, one of the fastest ways for an airport shuttle to grow is to simply acquire additional vehicles that can pick up additional passengers within any major market. Often, entrepreneurs are only types of businesses will frequently establish secondary locations either in other major metropolitan areas or for a large area in a another place. Additional vehicles can easily be acquired, and additional drivers can also be hired on a employed or independently contracted basis in order to boost the billings of the company.

For threats, as stated above one of the issues that these companies will continue to face is from independent drivers that provide rights the airport on behalf of their passengers. Again, this is somewhat of a muted threat given the fact that a ride to the airport is very expensive and airport shuttles fill the gap between taxi services and independent drivers for people that do not have the same amount of money to spend on the services.

An airport shuttle marketing plan should also be developed and provided with the business plan to any financial institution. Foremost, it is imperative that the airport shuttle service maintaining a large-scale proprietary website as well as a mobile applications of the people can quickly find the business when they’re searching for rights the airport. This website should have functionality that allows individuals to schedule times in which the airport shuttle will pick them up and drop them off at the airport. His website should be listed on all major search engines. Additionally, pay per click marketing can be used in order to expand the visibility of the website from the onset about operations. While this can be somewhat of an expensive form marketing – the results can be strong if it is executed properly. Although it is somewhat of an old-school method of marketing – many people will maintain listings in the yellow books and similar phonebooks in order to have visibility among people that do not frequently use the Internet.

A presence on social media is also very important for airport shuttle given that people are able to provide reviews of services they have used in the past and recommend services to their friends. Although it may not be a very large source of revenue for this type of business – it is imperative that is many channels as possible are used when trying to operations. It is a very low cost of form of marketing, and as such it would be in the entrepreneur’s best interest in order to have their airport shuttle business seen by people that you frequently use social media.

Airport shuttle businesses can be highly lucrative provided that the owner operator has a complete understanding of the business and is able to control the costs on a month-to-month basis. With recent volatility in the pricing of fuel, it is important that pricing structures are properly produced in order to ensure that these businesses are able to remain profitable at all times.