Business Grants

One of the frequent questions we get is regarding business grants. In short, it is extremely difficult to get a business grant given that most government institutions and not-for-profit institutions are not looking to provide free capital to an individual that is going to be using this money with the intent to generate a for-profit business. Most grants that are available to the general public or business public are geared towards individuals that are going to be engaged in a public-private partnership, or similar initiative. If an entrepreneur is looking to raise capital through a grant then they are going to need to be very aware of the terms of the granting institution. Primarily, these grants are geared towards minority owned businesses, woman-owned businesses, and for companies that are engaging in a project that will have a benefit to the community. If an individual is simply looking for free money to start a for-profit business that it may be in their best interest to examine working with private investors, obtaining a small business administration loan, or seeking conventional business funding in order to launch their business operations.

Some granting institutions to require that a business plan is submitted before they render a decision as to whether or not to disperse funds. The business plans are available on this website are appropriate to be used in conjunction with a grant focused funding application. Within the purchased package, there are a number of instructions that will show you how to effectively retool the business plan so that it is appropriate specific for granting institution. It should be noted that many grant applications do have very specific terms and a syllabus that must be followed exactly before the application will be considered. It is very important that a third-party grant writing firm is hired in order to ensure that the documentation provided is in line with that as requested by the granting institution. Again, if this is going to be specific for a for-profit business that has no other intention than to generate income for its owners it may be more applicable to try to have a business plan that is appropriate for both investors as well as granting institutions. This is something that you continue to discuss throughout the life of this business on the website.

There are a number of government programs available to certain entrepreneurs are looking to develop for-profit businesses. It should be noted that there are some companies out there that provide grant search assistance to these entrepreneurs, but this should be done very carefully as many of these firms will take substantial upfront fees without ever providing any meaningful results as it relates to finding an institution that is willing to provide certain amount of capital for entrepreneurial activities. Before engaging any grant search firm or grant writing firm, an examination of their background, history, and obtaining reviews from previous clients should be used so that you can be assured that you’re working with a reputable firm. As the Internet has a number of different service providers available for any given type of service, it is imperative that any potential company is thoroughly examined with due diligence before you engage him to complete any type of grant writing service.

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