Medical Malpractice Law Firm Business Plan and SWOT Analysis

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Medical malpractice law firms serving important function in ensuring that patients I have been harmed by a physician or hospital or able to receive the appropriate compensation for their injuries. Almost all medical malpractice law firms operate on a contingency basis whereas they only receive a fee if they are able to successfully receive a settlement or jury award on behalf of their client. One of the nice things out owning and operating this type of law practice is that the revenues are completely immune from negative changes in the economy. People are always going to continue to go to doctors and hospitals and from time to time they’re going to be incidents where a physician’s neglect or surgeon’s neglect causes an injury that requires that a payment is made to the patient. Most of the time, the actual settlement is paid by an insurance company and not to doctor themselves. These insurance companies have extremely deep pockets and are able to appropriately pay for any injury that may have occurred. As such, medical malpractice law firms can always generate revenues by working with insurance companies that represent doctors in these cases. The barriers to entry for new medical malpractice firm are considered to be moderate.

An individual that is looking to establish this type of business must be appropriately licensed attorney. However, the barriers to entry are still considered to be low given that anyone has graduated from law school and has obtained a law license can specialize in the field of medical malpractice and personal injury. The startup cost associated for this type of offer are typically higher than that of a general law practice. This is primarily due to the fact that these law firms operate solely on a contingency basis and they do not accept per hour fees from clients. As such, the firm needs to have successfully won cases in order to generate revenues.

It should be noted that in many cases, it can take a substantial amount of time between a settlement or jury award and the actual payout. As such, many medical malpractice law firms obtain a very large working capital one credit in order to finance the underlying operations of the business while settlements are being paid. This is one of the more typical aspects of operating a law firm that operates substantially in a contingency focused nature. The startup costs associated with these types of firms typically ranges anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000 depending on the underlying operating cost of the business. Generally, the highest operating expense associated with the medical malpractice law firm is the retaining of qualified attorneys that can represent clients in these cases.

Given that a medical malpractice law firm is a professional services business, many banks and lenders are willing to provide a small business loan were working capital line of credit to the owners. A business plan is going to be required and this will need to have a three year profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and business ratios page. There are more than one million attorneys practicing within the United States and approximately 20% of these specialize specifically in medical malpractice and personal injury.

This is a highly competitive field, and within the business plan a thorough examination of the competition in any market should be included as well. As it relates to developing a demographic profile, this is somewhat difficult given the any person that has suffered a medical injury can become a potential client of the business. As such, many lawyers will take to developing a statistical model to determine how many people within any given market go to a doctor and receive an injury from services rendered. A financial institution, especially if a large amount of capital is being sought, is going to want to see a statistical model that showcases what the average injury entails within the target market and what the anticipated payout will be once a settlement or jury award has been determined.

Frequently done is a medical malpractice law firm SWOT analysis. As it relates to strengths, these businesses do enjoy a moderately high barriers to entry given the educational and licensing requirements by the lawyer and owner. The gross margin separated from services are extremely high and the payouts received from a successful claim can reach several millions of dollars.

For weaknesses, the revenues generated are very sporadic given that negotiations must take place in order to reach a settlement. The operating costs associated with medical malpractice firm can either be moderate or very high depending on the number of attorneys on staff, number of paralegals on staff, and the underlying expenses relating to supporting a medical malpractice case. In almost all instances, the attorney bears all the underlying expenses for appropriately developing a case specifically against a physician, hospital, or medical malpractice insurance company.

For opportunities, the most traditional way in which these businesses grow is by hiring additional attorneys that can render services the general public. Given the laws and regulations regarding law firms, this is typically the only way these firms are able to grow on an ongoing basis.

For threats, beyond any competitive issue – there are always pieces of pending litigation that involve torts. In the future, there could be legislation passed that limits the amount of liability that is associated with obtaining a settlement or award from a jury regarding a medical injury. However, these pending pieces of legislation have been around for decades and they usually get stuck in most legislative bodies given the lobbying efforts by trial attorneys.

A medical malpractice law firm marketing plan needs to be developed and this is going to be one of the key components of the overall business plan. Everyone is almost completely familiar with lawyer advertisements that appear during the day at specifically focus on a varying number of medical injuries that occurred by physicians. Again, this is a highly competitive field and this is why many medical malpractice law firms take a very aggressive advertising in order to obtain clients.

As such, this type of business each be prepared to spend a substantial amount of its initial start up capital as well to the ongoing revenues on marketing the services to the general public. Most attorneys do take out very large-scale advertisements and popular publications such as the Yellow Pages while concurrently engaging in broad-based televised based advertisements. The initial marketing budget for a new medical malpractice law firm can easily reach $50,000 depending on the initial scope and scale of the business. Is it going to be one of the more typical aspects of owning operating this type law firm. A presence on the Internet should also be developed by the firm given that many people will do searches for local attorneys within any given market. This website should have information regarding the practicing attorneys, hours of operation, contingency fee structures, and what type of specific medical injuries are represented by the medical malpractice law firm.

This website can be listed among all major search engines. Although it is not necessary, most medical malpractice law firms to find it to be beneficial to maintain a modest profile on social media platforms given that some people will recommend to their friends specific attorneys that they have suffered medical injury. However, there does not need to be a major effort involved with marketing via this methodology given that many people are going to find an attorney via traditional means.

These law firms can be exceedingly profitable given that the practitioner has an extensive understanding of medical injuries. One of the keys to thriving within this industry is to have the attorney have a complete understanding of medical injuries, how they occur, with the anticipated cost over a lifetime is in terms of dealing with the injury, and being a skilled negotiator as it relates to reaching space settlement with an insurance company. There’s really nothing that is going to change about this specific niche within the law practice industry over the next 10 to 20 years. In fact, now that many more people from the baby boomer generation of requiring ongoing healthcare – the number of incidents regarding medical injuries is expected to rise. As such, for properly qualified legal practitioner the field of medical malpractice representation can be a highly lucrative niche.