Paintball Store and Field Business Plan and SWOT Analysis

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Paintball has exploded in popularity over the past 30 years. More and more people view it as an exciting outdoor sport to enjoy, and as such a number of paintball fields and stores have been developed throughout the United States. The barriers to entry for this type of business are very low given the fact that what is typically needed is a large parcel of land from which to engage in the sport of paintball. These businesses typically have startup costs ranging anywhere from $100,000 all the way to about $1 million depending on the parcel of land is going to be purchased in conjunction with the paintball field and stores operations. One of the nice things about this business is that they are able to generate revenues not only from usage of the field but also from retail sales as well. In fact, it typically cost most people have $50 to enjoy a day of paintball. This moderately low pricing point does allow for most people to afford people recession. However, this is still a higher than anticipated expense for most people – and as such, during difficult economic times people’s in the revenue streams the people are to and will continue to engage in it. The gross margins generated from paintball field usage typically around 95% while ancillary revenue streams including retail sales of paintball supplies and food and beverage services typically carry gross margins around 80%.

A paintball field SWOT should be produced as well. As it relates to strengths, paintball fields are able to generate very high gross margins from a number of different revenue streams. Additionally, many financial institution given the fact that it is typically land and tangible furniture, fixtures, and equipment that is being purchased with borrowed funds. These businesses typically only face very modest amount of competition within any specific market.

For weaknesses, there are some liabilities associated with the development and ownership of a paintball field. This is a dangerous more and people can get injured while playing. As such, appropriate legal counsel as well as a very large liability insurance policy is required by these businesses. The operating expenses as it relates to holding a mortgage on a very large piece of land can also be expensive.

For opportunities, these businesses can expand by hosting tournaments, developing paintball clubs, and heavily engaging with their customer base. Additionally, paintball store and field can expand by establishing additional locations.

As it relates to threats, there’s really nothing about these businesses that is going to change substantially over the next 20 years. People is a very established sport and the biggest threat faced by these businesses is competition as well as the risk of an economic recession.

Given the substantial amounts of revenue coupled with a very large tangible asset base, almost all private investors and financial institutions are willing to provide a strong level of capital support to these businesses. Of course, a paintball store and field business plan is going to be required. This business plan should feature a three year profit and loss statement, cash analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and business ratios page. For the industry research portion of the business plan, there are about 2,000 paintball store and field locations in operation and each year these businesses aggregate to generate about $1 billion revenue. The industry employs 14,000 people. One of the important things that needs to be noted within the business plan is that a substantial amount of the capital that is going to be acquired will be used directly for land purchase. This ensures  that most banks and lenders are very receptive to the idea of providing a very large loan specific for the acquisition of a parcel of land.

Given that most regions only have one or two paintball fields in operation, a competitive analysis can be done on a more modest basis. However, it is important to know all the strengths and weaknesses that these locations have, and how these competitors will impact the way that the paintball field and store operates.

A demographic analysis that is going to be used in conjunction with the marketing plan should also be included as well. This includes taking a look at annual household income, number of people under the age of 40, percentage of people enjoy paintball, population size, and population density. It’s important to know all the statistics as they will be used when developing the paintball store and fields marketing operations.

A paintball store and field marketing plan also needs to be developed this seems to be a pretty substantial portion of the overall business planning document. This is due to the fact that many people need to become very aware of the visibility of the paintball store and field. These businesses are often tucked away in the woods, and as such – it is imperative that the entrepreneur built a number of both traditional and online marketing strategies that will ensure that these businesses are able to be found very quickly.

 One of the foremost ways in which these businesses are able to generate a repeat customer base is through the use of social media. Paintball is a highly social support, and as such by becoming a member of a number of online platforms that are communities for people interested in paintball – the location can become more well-known. It should be noted that people are typically willing to travel anywhere from 20 to 30 miles from their homes in order to enjoy a specific paintball field. A standalone website is actually absolutely necessary in order for a paintball field to become successful. The website should feature video and images of the fields, built structures, and people enjoying their time there. Most importantly, this website should feature information about field usage pricing, hours of operation, retail products sold, and how to contact the business.

As part of a number of teambuilding exercises, corporations will often host events it paintball fields. As such, one of the ways that these businesses can generate their early revenues is by reaching out to corporate specialists that focus on human resources so that major events can be planned at these locations. Additionally, reaching out to event planners within the target market can assist with securing very large parties that will be using the paintball field on an ongoing basis. These strategies do not really require that much money or time, and the return on investment can be substantial. As it relates to traditional marketing strategies, many paintball store and fields will do an initial grand opening mailer to showcase location to the general public. These mailers will often have discount coupons that will allow the business to have people that want to try out the facility come to it at the audit operations.

Paintball fields are exciting businesses and they will continue to be one of the ways in which individuals enjoy team sports. There is really not too much of is going to change about this industry moving forward given that it is an out to work and exciting activity. Across the world, more and more people are playing paintball – and this trend is expected to continue for a substantial period of time. These can be highly lucrative businesses for a skilled entrepreneur that knows how to properly manage a large-scale sporting business. When the best aspects of it is at the return on investment as it relates to using a parcel of land that does not have other real estate structures is significant.