Popcorn Shop Business Plan and SWOT Analysis

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  • 425+ Page Funding Directory
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Popcorn shops operate in a unique capacity and that they sell a very specific low-cost product to the general public. One of the nice things about owning and operating a popcorn store is that these businesses generate substantial gross margins from the sale of both plain as well as flavored popcorn. The inventory costs associated with starting this business is next to nothing given that large quantities of popcorn can be acquired for very little capital. The start of cost for a new popcorn shop typically range anywhere from $25,000 to $100,000 depending on the location of the business and what size are retail stores going to be required in order to carry out operations.

The gross margins from sales typically range anywhere from 90% to 95% depending on whether the are not specialized packaging is going to be provided to customers. One of the other tremendous benefits of owning one of these types of businesses is that sales can easily be made via the Internet. Almost all popcorn shops offer a number of their products in an online capacity. As such, as it relates to the risks of owning and operating this type of retail food business – they are very low.

A popcorn shop business plan is always going to be required especially if the entrepreneur is going to require capital from a financial institution, credit union, or private investor. This document should feature a three-year profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and business ratios page. As relates to the popcorn shop industry, there are approximately 4,000 companies that own or operate one or more retail stores. These businesses accurately generate about $2 billion euro revenue and provide jobs to 15,000 people.

As with all business planning documents, a very established and well thought out demographic analysis should be included as well. It should be noted that the demographics of people that enjoy popcorn are very broad and there is no specific socioeconomic group the purchases more popcorn than another. As such, the demographics that are described within the business plan – which should include population size, population density, annual household income, and persons in the amount of money spent on outside retail goods each year – should be included as well. This demographic analysis will be used in conjunction with the marketing plan.

A popcorn shop SWOT analysis should be produced as well in conjunction with both the business plan and marketing plan. As it relates to strengths, popcorn shops are able to produce high gross margins for very low risk operation. The barriers to entry for new popcorn shop are also very low. Additionally, and as stated above, these businesses are able to produce income from outside the retail location by operating in an e-commerce capacity as well.

For weaknesses, as with any retail food business there are always minor risk regarding spoilage. However, the risk associated with food borne illness specific to popcorn sales is extremely low. The biggest weakness faced by these businesses is that they do have very high operating costs especially in major metropolitan area markets were rental expenses high.

As it relates to opportunities, most owner-operators of popcorn shops will typically expand their operations by establishing new locations. Additionally, a thorough e-commerce website allows these businesses to make substantial sales from outside of the retail locations. These are really the only methodologies of how a popcorn store can expand during the life of its business.

For threats, there are no known threats that impact the way that these companies do business. Even during times of economic recession, the low pricing point associated with the sales a popcorn allow these businesses to remain profitable and cash flow positive.

A popcorn store marketing plan also needs to be developed in order to be able to have people come to the retail location. As with all food and beverage businesses, finding a suitable location for the business is key. This includes only taking a look at the visibility of the location but also how much the rent will be and whether or not the business can sustain the ongoing expense associated. This highly visible retail location should feature substantial amount of signage that focuses significantly on the types of popcorn being sold. Prior to establishing operations, most entrepreneurs and start this type of business will frequently distribute large-scale flyers, mailers, and discount coupons that can be used by individuals who want to come to the popcorn store in order to give things a try. Many of these businesses will often offer a tremendous amount of free popcorn to the general public in order to have them taste different flavors available by the business.

Returning to discussions pertaining websites, and e-commerce function enabled website is essential for most popcorn shops. These businesses are able to engage in search engine optimization coupled with pay per click marketing that allows them to reach anyone within the United States for sales of popcorn. This is an important revenue stream as it can introduce numerous customers to the operations of the business. Additionally, some of these businesses will also maintain seller profiles on popular websites like Amazon, eBay, and third-party related websites in order to make sales for these platforms. However, it should be noted that there are certain rules and regulations apply when food products are being sold intrastate and across state lines.

One of the other ways that these businesses can readily expand their operations via marketing is by partnering with corporate gift specialists, event planners, wedding planners, and other individuals arrange for gifts to third parties. Many popcorn shops also maintain relationships gift basket companies. This is one of the key ways that visibility can be expanded as the packaging associate with a popcorn store can be presented to a large number of people. These wholesale orders also generate a significant amount of income for these businesses.

For a skilled entrepreneur that has an understanding of the food industry, popcorn shops are very low risk way to develop a highly profitable business.