Water Well Drilling Contractor Business Plan and SWOT Analysis

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Water well drilling is extremely important among both municipal agencies as well as among real estate developers. These businesses are always able to find a market for their services given the fact that water is a necessity for all life, and municipal agencies as well as real estate developers are always going to need to have very large holes drilled in order to tap aquifers. These businesses generate extremely high gross margins from their services given the large-scale nature of their work and the complexities involved. The amount of tangible equipment needed to develop a water well drilling contracting business is substantial, and almost all financial institutions are willing to provide the necessary capital to acquire this equipment. In times of economic recession, water well drilling contractors typically are able to generate significant sums of money from ongoing maintenance of previously drilled wells. Although revenues do tend to decline slightly in an economic recession, given that real estate developers are pulling back on developing new homes, the maintenance contracts held by these businesses ensures that they are able to remain profitable and cash flow positive at all times. Given the large tangible asset base associated with these businesses, an entrepreneur can expect to spend anywhere from $500,000 to $1 million on the development of this type of business. Of course, a substantial amount of the startup costs can be completed using borrowed funds.

A water well drilling contractor business plan should be developed as well especially if the entrepreneur is going to require capital from a third-party financial institution or private investor. As with all business planning documents, this should feature a three year profit and loss statement, cash analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and business ratios page. As it pertains to the industry research, water well contractors typically generate around $6 billion your revenue among 4,000 businesses within the industry. The industry as a whole employs about 50,000 people.

A water well drilling contractor SWOT analysis should be produced as well. As relates to strengths, water well drilling contractors typically always find a market for their services especially in areas where there is limited access to fresh water sources. The maintenance contracts a keyword on behalf of municipal agencies, state agencies, homeowners associations, and related entities allows these businesses to generate highly recurring streams of revenue. The revenue streams of this business always allows for a debt obligation to be satisfied on a month-to-month basis.

As relates to weaknesses, these businesses have very high operating costs not only from equipment standpoint but also from an operating standpoint as well. Given the specialized nature of this business, large-scale liability policies from insurance companies should be put in place in the event of a workplace accident. Additionally, during times of economic recession – revenues decline as fewer new constructions are completed.

For opportunities, these businesses generally expand by simply adding additional vehicles and equipment to their overall inventory. Ongoing contracts from property management firms can also be acquired in order to have smooth revenues in most economic climates. Some entrepreneurs will take to acquiring an existing water well drilling contracting business in order to expand the acquisition.

For threats, there is nothing is going to impact the way that these companies conduct business outside of a major change to regulations regarding deep hole drilling. As such, having a qualified attorney on staff just to ensure that the business is operating within the letter of the law at all times is important, but there’s really nothing that is going to change very much about this industry over the next 20 years.

A water well drilling contractor marketing plan also needs to be produced and is typically done in conjunction with the business plan as well as the SWOT analysis. Foremost, these businesses do not need to really market their services to the general public although it is important to maintain a website that showcases maintenance services offered. In the event that there is an issue with the existing water well, the company can be easily called in order to remedy this problem. The primary way in which water well drilling contractors generate the revenues is by maintaining close relationships with general contractors, real estate investors, property management firms, and property developers. It should be noted that there are a number of ongoing state and federal level contracts that most water well drilling companies can bid on in order to provide the services to government entities. The company’s website can be list among all major search engines and a presence on social media is not really needed for this type of business.

Within the marketing plan, a demographic analysis of the types of companies will be targeted should be included so that a laser focus can be placed on the company’s marketing campaign. An entrepreneur that enters this field can expect that 1% to 2% of aggregate revenues will be allocated towards marketing and advertising purposes. This demographic analysis should outline the annual revenues, annual anticipated profits, and the amount of money that is spent on water well drilling services on a yearly basis. This demographic analysis should tilt heavily towards companies that engage in real estate development, real estate investment, and general contracting.

Water well drilling contractors are always going to remain in demand, and this can be a highly lucrative small to medium-size business for an entrepreneur that has extensive experience in the construction industry. The large amounts of tangible assets that are required to operate this business provides the owner with a substantial high barriers to entry once you have established operations. Competition most markets is usually limited given the fact that this is a highly specialized business as needed from time to time for water well hole drilling and ongoing maintenance.