Appliance Repair Service Business Plan and SWOT Analysis

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The Appliance Repair Service Business Plan and Business Development toolkit features 18 different documents that you can use for capital raising or general business planning purposes. Our product line also features comprehensive information regarding to how to start an Appliance Repair Service business. All business planning packages come with easy-to-use instructions so that you can reduce the time needed to create a professional business plan and presentation.

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  • 425+ Page Funding Directory
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  • Three SWOT Analysis Templates
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Appliances are always going to break down each be repaired. Although some homeowners and businesses prefer to purchase new appliances when this occurs, this is typically a very expensive way of going about things. As such, many appliance repair services are almost always able to generate revenues and profits in any economic climate given the fact that people are always going to need this service on an ongoing basis. The startup costs associated with the development of a new appliance repair service is relatively low given the fact that it is a service-based business. The largest expense associated with developing a separate company usually is based on how many vehicles are going to be purchased at the onset of operation coupled with a moderate amount of working capital. One of the nice things about this industry these days is that many major appliance retailers and home-improvement stores actually outsource their appliance repair services to independent contractors. As such, there is a substantial opportunity for these companies to immediately generate revenues from the onset of operations without having to engage in a large-scale marketing campaign.

Many major retailers often have online portals allow individual firms to enroll in their service contract these programs. Additionally, there are a number of home warranty companies that frequently work to develop these relationships as well. As such, with the assistance of these businesses – appliance repair services can become profitable very quickly. The startup costs generally associated with the new small-scale appliance repair service ranges anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000 depending, again, on a number of vehicles that we purchase at the onset of operations.

An appliance repair service SWOT analysis is typically developed as well in order to showcase the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that are associated with these companies. For strengths, these businesses are always in demand even during times of economic recession given that homeowners do not typically want to replace very expensive appliances when only modest repairs are needed. The gross margins generated from services are very high and these businesses have the opportunity to generate additional revenues from the sale of parts that are used in conjunction with appliance repair.  The barriers to entry are considered to be low.

For weaknesses, there are always a number of companies that provide appliance repair services to the general public. As such, it is imperative that the appliance repair service engage in a broad-based marketing campaign in addition to developing relationships with service contract providers in order to generate revenues immediately.

For opportunities, there are a substantial amount of ways that a.m. appliance repair service can expand their operations. Foremost, these businesses can hire additional technicians that will render additional services throughout a larger scale target market. Additionally, some appliance repair services will establish additional locations in other major areas in order to provide more comprehensive services to a larger geographic region. There is also the opportunity to acquire existing appliance repair services that are already in operation.

For threats, there’s really nothing about an appliance repair service that is going to change anytime soon. People are always going to have their home appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, stoves, and related systems fail. As such, there is always a continued demand for these services and nothing about this industry is expected to change within the next 10 to 20 years.

An appliance repair service business plan should be developed if the entrepreneur is going to be seeking capital from a third party in order to launch operations. Given the economically secure nature of the revenues generated by these businesses, they are strong candidates for bank financing via a loan or working capital one credit. Of course, the appliance repair service business plan needs to have a three-year profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, breakeven analysis, and business ratios page. Special attention within the business plan she paid to the demographics within the local and regional market. This includes thoroughly examining the median household income, median family income, value of appliances installed in any average home, number of competitors within the market, population size, and population density.

As it relates to the appliance repair industry, there are approximately 60,000 companies that operate within this industry and it generates about $4 billion euro revenue. The industry employs about 72,000 people.

An appliance repair service marketing plan also needs to be developed although this can be somewhat limited. As stated above, most appliance repair services seek to immediately develop ongoing service contracts with retailers, home warranty companies, and appliance wholesalers that have provided a warranty on the products that have sold. At the onset of operations, the appliance repair service will begin immediately generating revenue given the fact that they will receive service orders from these third parties. In addition to maintaining this type of marketing campaign, most appliance repair services will also maintain a listing in the Yellow Books that is distributed throughout the target market.

Additionally, a large-scale website should be developed that showcases the services of the business, the makes and models of appliances that can be serviced, preliminary pricing information, contact information, and other relevant info pertaining to the operations of the business. A presence on social media for the sake of business is not really needed and less the appliance repair services going to be dealing substantially with a number of other businesses within the market. Although it does not cost very much, a FaceBook page or Twitter page can be a valuable boost for to increasing the visibility of the business at the onset of operations. From time to time, you may receive a referral from an individual who is use the service in the past and is referred a friend via a social media page.

Appliance repair services are going to continue to be in demand given the fact that everyone who owns a home where has a number of appliances that need to be repaired or fixed from time to time. This is a skill that is not found by many people these days, and as such – people will always contact an appliance repair service especially for expensive appliances that they have had installed in their homes. With the ongoing and continued demand among large corporations – especially home-improvement store retailers – to have outsourced third parties render services there is a substantial opportunity for these businesses to thrive in any market.