Helicopter Charter Service Business Plan and SWOT Analysis

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The Helicopter Charter Service Business Plan and Business Development toolkit features 18 different documents that you can use for capital raising or general business planning purposes. Our product line also features comprehensive information regarding to how to start a Helicopter Charter Service business. All business planning packages come with easy-to-use instructions so that you can reduce the time needed to create a professional business plan and presentation.

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  • 3 Year Excel Financial Model
  • Business Plan (26 to 30 pages)
  • Marketing Plan (24 to 28 pages)
  • 425+ Page Funding Directory
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Loan Amortization and ROI Tools
  • Three SWOT Analysis Templates
  • How to Start a Business Guide
  • Easy to Use Instructions
  • All Documents Delivered in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Format
  • Meets SBA Requirements

Helicopter charter services are always in demand among people that want to get a birds eye view of any specific area. Additionally, among wealthier travelers – many people use helicopters for quick travel to and from places especially relating to airport travel. As such, many helicopter charter services are able to remain profitable and cash flow positive at all times. The startup cost associated with the new helicopter charter service are moderate depending on whether or not the actual helicopters going to be purchased or leased. Given the large tangible asset base associated with these types of businesses, many helicopter charter services are able to start their operations with his little as $200,000 was much as $1 million. There are a number of aircraft and helicopter leasing companies that are willing to provide long-term leases for companies that have qualified pilots do not have the necessary capital in order to purchase a helicopter out right. For a helicopter charter service, the acquisition of the helicopter lease is typically the biggest underlying expense outside of fuel and insurance costs. The gross margins generated from most helicopter services range anywhere from 60% to 85% depending on whether or not fuel is considered as part of the cost of goods sold.

Again, given the very large tangible asset base almost all financial institutions as well as private investors are willing to put up the necessary capital in order to develop these types of operations. Of course, a helicopter charter service business plan is going to be required. This document should feature a three-year profit and loss statement, cash flow analysis, balance sheet, and breakeven analysis. As it relates to industry research, there are approximately 2000 helicopter charter services that operate within the United States. Each year these businesses generate approximately $1 billion in revenue and provide jobs for about 50,000 people. The payroll statistics for this industry include both individuals that operate helicopters as pilots as well as the on ground staff. Within the business plan, a full demographic analysis should be included as it relates to individuals as well as businesses that will frequently use the helicopter charter service on an ongoing basis. As it relates to individuals, and examination of annual household income, median net worth, how frequently they will use the helicopter charter service, and the amount of money they will spend each year on travel should be included in the analysis. For businesses, an overview of the annual revenues, industries served, annual profits, and related information should be included as well in order to ensure that the business is able to properly target a client base.

A helicopter charter service SWOT analysis is frequently included as well. As it relates to strengths, in most markets the competition for a new helicopter charter service is considered to be somewhat low. The operating cost can be very much controlled, and the demand typically is immune from negative changes in the economy. Most importantly these businesses do enjoy high barriers to entry given the fact that they must be owned and operated by license helicopter pilot.

For weaknesses, there are a number of input expenses that must be dealt with on a monthly basis. This includes loan or lease payments relating to the helicopter, fuel expenses, insurance costs, as well as marketing expenses. Payroll is also a major factor given that a qualified helicopter pilot or several pilots must be hired in order to provide these services to the general public.

For opportunities, these businesses can readily expand by simply expanding the fleet of helicopters that are available for use. Some companies will also establish locations near airports throughout their regional market in order to serve a greater target market radius.

For threats, there’s really nothing that is going to impact the way that a helicopter charter service conducted operations. While there may be some minor regulations regarding air travel that may change moving forward – these changes can be readily adapted to buy a helicopter charter service.

A helicopter charter service marketing plan also needs to be developed in order to ensure that these businesses can reach their target market very quickly. For most, a presence on the Internet is very important given the fact that many people now conduct searches for specialized businesses via major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The website should feature information regarding the services fleet, pilots, hours of operation, destination serviced, and how to book a reservation with the helicopter charter service. Most importantly, e-commerce driven functionality should be embedded into the website so that individuals can quickly make reservations for helicopter travel services.

Many of these businesses will also develop ongoing relationships with corporate travel specialists so that arrangements for important executives can be made when they need to travel by helicopter to and from their destinations. This is especially important for major corporations that frequently have a significant amount of executives traveling to and from the airport to a corporate headquarters location. As such, it would benefit a helicopter charter service greatly in order to have this type of relationships with a corporate travel specialist.

Helicopter charter services are always going to be in demand especially among wealthier travelers and people within wealthier tourist destinations. There is really nothing is going to impact the way that these businesses conduct their operations moving forward and given the fact that this is an air travel business – the risks relating to automation for a helicopter pilot are very low. As such, for a qualified individual or group of entrepreneurs that want to start a helicopter charter or service – this can be a highly lucrative business opportunity that will produce revenues and profits for a lifetime.